How-to videos (part 1)

We recorded a couple of explainatory videos for first-time users. So if you’d like to know how to book time off or if you’re just curious how to call in sick using, you might want to check out the following three videos.

How to book time off

As you can see here, it only takes a few clicks to book time off. In case you’re planning on spending time away from work a little longer, automatically takes weekends and public holidays such as Christmas into account. A notifaction email will be sent to your team members and HR. That way, everybody is always up-to-date - because we know you value information transparency!

How to call in sick

This video shows what you need to do if you find yourself feeling unwell in the morning. You know you can’t make it into the office but you also don’t feel like calling both your supervisor and team members. Just go to on your phone, tablet or computer and hit the Call In Sick button. It notifies all of your team members via email as well as HR. If you’d like you can also leave a short message regarding your well-being and whereabouts (e.g. whether you might be able to work out of your home in the afternoon).

Google sign in, absence overview and team notifications

Next to booking time off and calling in sick, this video quickly goes over the remainder of the main features. It shows how to sign in using your Google account, check who of your team members are currently at the office or absent and how email notifications are sent to your team.

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