How-to videos (part 2)

This blog post is part 2 of our in-depth series on how to use This time, we’re demonstrating adding new employees, editing holiday settings and checking your capacity.

How to edit absence types and holidays

This video shows in detail how to edit your company settings. Enter default values for the number of vaction days and the type of absences relevant to your company (e.g. check conferences but uncheck education). Select public holidays which don’t count towards your employees’ vacation days and create custom holidays if need be. After you’ve done this, feel free to invite your team members to Read on to learn how…

How to add employees and organize your teams

Inviting employees to is easy: After you’ve entered their name and company email, they’ll receive a message and are ready to sign in. Click on the “Edit” button next to their name to set any contract specifics different from the default values for your company. Grant HR or Admin rights to particular colleagues so they’ll be able to help you with things like this. Organize your employees in teams, such as Marketing, Sales or Product Development to enable team specific statistics and notifications. The next video shows how to check statistics and capacity overviews.

How to check statistics and capacity

This video demonstrates the kind of data visualizations and capacity views you can expect from For instance, you can see all planned absences in your company in a monthly calendar view. Check which type of absence is most common in a specific team or see its capacity for next week. You can even download a yearly report. All of this helps you optimize your resources and plan ahead accordingly.

More (how-to videos part 1)

If you’re interested in seeing other features of in action, check out our previous blog post. There you’ll find video screencasts demonstrating booking time off and calling in sick.

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