Making Absence Planning and Tracking Simple

Absence planning, without the mess is an app for the work environment of the 21st century. A world in which distributed teams work self-dependently, with flexible hours and flat hierarchies. There are many reasons why your team members may be absent, such as home office, vacation, sickness, education & training, or parental leave.

With, teams can coordinate their collaboration - simply and fast. No more spreadsheets, rules and bureaucracy. Let take care of absence planning and reclaim your time for what's important to you. Whether in your company, at university, in projects or teams of freelancers: democratizes collaboration and makes it more productive. faces

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Book time off and call in sick - you're just one click away

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello flexibility. makes absence management easier than ever. Book time off without long approval processes and call in sick with the click of a button. automatically notifies your team members and HR about your absence to minimize coordination efforts.

See who's at the office at a glance

Democratizing collaboration. lists all your team members and visualizes their whereabouts. This way, you can see who's at the office at a glance and instantly know who couldn't make it. Find out about their type of absence and collaborate with colleagues doing home office while refraining from getting in touch with team members who called in sick. minimizes communication overhead and maximizes information transparency.

Plan ahead and manage your resources

Optimize your resources. keeps track of used, planned and unplanned time off for single persons as well as whole teams. Seeing all relevant information at a glance allows for better management of your team members' vacation days. Consequently, you can balance your resources and prevent annoyances such as accidental overlaps. Various stats and visualization help you gain deeper understanding in retrospective and identify further optimization potential.


Book time off

Call in sick

Notify team members and HR

See who's at the office at a glance

Plan ahead and optimize your resources

Statistics and visualizations

Mobile and Desktop

Calendar Export

Multiple teams for each user

Sign in using Google

Define custom absence types

Kudo Box (Management 3.0)

And much more ...

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Getting started

Learn how to setup your company, organize your employees in teams and adjust absence types as well as relevant holidays:

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